The Clash of Clans subreddit mods discuss the latest news, trends, and happenings of the game. We chat with your favorite youtubers and streamers about upcoming updates, and highlight the best conversations on reddit. Leave us a review with guest requests and we'll reach out to try and make it happen.


🎙️ RTC Live

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Our journey began when Reddit unveiled the "Reddit Talks" feature, allowing communities to host live voice sessions. Seizing this opportunity, the r/ClashOfClans moderator team envisioned a podcast that leveraged this fresh platform. After meticulous deliberation, "Reddit Talks Clash" was born in January 2022. Now in our exciting second season (year), RTC Live offers a deep dive into the most recent Clash of Clans updates and compelling discussions. We spotlight top posts from the r/ClashOfClans subreddit, and sessions take place bi-weekly on Fridays at 4:00 PM PT on the r/ClashOfClans Discord Server. Episodes are up by the ensuing Monday for your listening pleasure.

🎙️ This Week in Clash

Approximate Duration: 5 minutes

"This Week in Clash" was our bi-weekly pulse on the Clash of Clans community, delivered every alternate Saturday. However, after a short span of five episodes, we chose to sunset this series due to a tempered response from our team and the broader audience.

🎙️ Bonus Episodes

For those moments when we have something extra to share, look out for our Bonus Episodes. They're spontaneous, varying in length, and don't follow a set schedule—just a treat when you least expect it!