Caleb’s better, 02/07/2024

Great podcast

Just finished all your guys podcast. Really great keep up the good work.

Fighter567, 11/06/2023

Quality Content

I love the podcast! Keep up the great work. I always look forward to listening!

.vdx, 09/08/2023

Awesome clash podcast

I listen to your podcast, and I love it! Love when you talk about new updates and future updates. Thank you!

2014ClanLeader, 04/01/2023

by far the best clash of clans podcast

awesome hosts, great talks

The Infinit Dryver, 03/15/2023

Best clash podcast their is.

This show is definitely one of my favorites as a player of clash of clans. I love getting to hear about update ideas and speculation, and I’m always excited to tune in to every new episode! Even just hearing you guys discuss thoughts on updates and challenges, talk about balance changes, and even talk about strategies, you guys are always really entertaining and put together. My only complaint is that you guys do your episodes weekly instead of biweekly, which I understand is probably because of cost to make and post each episode, so all is forgiven from me lol. Other than that though this is an amazing show for anyone who loves clash, and I can’t wait to hear more from you guys!

Bosoxg, 03/05/2023

Great Pod

Started listening to RTC this season, and I’m glad I did! Awesome content and easy listening! Keep up the great work guys!

bro thor ate howard the duck, 09/07/2022

Love you so much

I am super excited to see you guys in the podcast Can I get a shout out if so,can you say that I said I only play ' valwipe.

(Ps: valwipe= gowipe but switching the golem with the Valkyrie)

Bootychu, 03/04/2022

Good Time!

Fun podcast themed around clash, interesting mods

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